You are required by law to manage pests and weeds on land you own or occupy.

The Pest Control Act
The Pest Control Act requires that: Every person shall take measures to destroy, control and prevent the spread of all pests on any land or other premises owned, occupied or controlled by him. Get information about pests designated under the Pest Control Act.

The Weed Control Act
The Weed Control Act requires that: Every owner or occupant of land shall … under the supervision of the weed inspector eradicate any prohibited weeds … isolated infestations of noxious weeds … [and] contain and control any established infestations of noxious weeds … and take measures to control any nuisance weeds located on the land.

We are Here to Help You!

The RM provides resources to assist residents and land-owners in the management of weeds & pests. These resources include the services of a Pest Control Officer, Weed Inspector and the sale/provision of useful items such as poisons and traps.

Pest Control Officer – John LaMarche: 306-378-7847