Potable Water

Potable Water can be accessed at the R.M. of Monet No. 257 truckfill at the Sask. Landing Regional Water Pipeline Utility (S.L.R.W.P.U.) water treatment plant located at 214 Railway Avenue E, Elrose.

  • The Water at this truckfill is treated.
  • The truck fill at the water treatment plant now has an additional operating system, and larger pump option.
  • With this system you have the option to prepay or be invoiced quarterly.
  • We have added a larger pump and a bottom fill system with a 4″ male cam lock. This system fills at 567 L/min.
  • The top fill can be used with the fob system.
  • The smaller top fill pump is still available to use with coin (Toonies, Loonies, Quarters).
  • Both systems are $16/1000 Imperial Gallons.
  • There is a one-time fee for the key fob of $25 for RM Ratepayers and $50 for Non-Ratepayers.
  • If you don’t already have a key fob, please call or stop by the RM office to get set up.

Non-Potable Water

On October 14, 2010 the Council of the R.M. of Monet No. 257 passed the following motion:

That, due to Public Health Inspector Jim Webster’s recommendation on September 9, 2010, The Rural Municipality of Monet No. 257 hereby declares the water supply located at the following legal land description: SW 36-27-13-3 Wiseton; SW 26-25-15-3 Elrose/Bale; NE 11-26-14-3 Hughton to be non-potable due to the water not being treated or tested or an unsatisfactory history of water samples. In order to comply with Section 15 of The Public Health Act, 1994, the Rural Municipality of Monet No. 257 agrees to clearly advise users that each water supply is not potable by posting a warning notice in a conspicuous location at the well sites. Further, the notice will indicate that the water is non-potable and should not be used for drinking, cooking, food preparation or oral hygiene purposes. In addition, the municipality will check the well sites to ensure that the waring notice is still clearly posted. On August 31, 2010 the Wartime Water Company declared the Wartime Water Tower NE 8-26-16-3 as non-potable.

Water Springs

The R.M. of Monet operates 2 springs with cardlock systems.

Hughton Spring located at NE 11-26-14 W3. (Non-Potable)This spring is now operated by a Key Fob System. This system has a fob that will keep track of water usage and invoices will be sent out quarterly.
There is a one time fee of $25 each for Ratepayers, and $50 each for Non-Ratepayers.
The cost is $5 per 1000 imperial gallons (0.001/L) for Ratepayers and $10 per 1000 imperial gallons (0.002/L) for Non-Ratepayers

Wiseton Spring located at SW 36-27-13 W3. (Non-Potable) This spring has a cardlock system.

There is also a Spring at SE 26-25-15 W3 also known as Elrose/Bale.(Non-Potable) There is no charge at this spring.

Wartime Water Tower

NE 8-26-16-3–Hwy #44 in Wartime.

Situated in the hamlet of Wartime, this water tower was originally used to fill the reservoirs of the steamer engines on the adjacent CNR track.

Now owned by the Wartime Water Company, it is used to load tanks of water for farm and household use. This facility is reputed to be the last functioning railway water tower left in the province. Non-Potable.

For water access contact Jim Trayhorne 306-378-2711

R.M. Shop Well

This well was dug by the R.M. of Monet as a backup well for S.L.R.W.P.U North Water Treatment Plant.

Non-Potable water used mostly by the oil companies for fracking.

This well is operated by a cardlock system.

Rate: $5.50/m3

Location: NE 9-26-15-W3 | Latitude: 51.207228 Longitude: – 108.028467 (online form asks for this)

How to Access:

  1. You will need get a Temporary Water Rights Licence from the Water Security Agency. Either fill out the form below and email to the comm@wsask.ca or apply online, then proceed to step 2.

PDF Form: Temporary Water Rights Licence

OR apply on the online portal: https://www.wsask.ca/Permits-and-Approvals/Apply-for-a-Permit-or-License/

2. You also need to fill out a Water Access Agreement with the R.M. of Monet
PDF Form: R.M Water Access Agreement

Once the office receives both of these we will then give you a pin to access the system.