In rural areas, inter-municipal cooperation plays an important role in maintaining services necessary to the quality of life.

The R.M. of Monet and the Town of Elrose share financial responsibilities and provide representation on the boards of several local services and institutions. The Monet-Elrose Fire District is an example of urban-rural cooperation resulting in the provision of vital services to the community.

From facilities located in Elrose, volunteer firefighters provide high quality fire protection to the town and municipality. Inter-municipal mutual aid agreements enable local fire departments to assist at emergencies in neighboring districts as requested.

Local ambulance service based at the Monet/Elrose Fire Hall is also maintained and operated by fire district volunteers. Ross Oliphant has fulfilled the responsibilities of Fire Chief since 1985.

Through the generosity of the community and the commitment of the volunteers, we have a Class 1 emergency service for our community.

The Town of Elrose and the R.M. of Monet also collaborate on an Emergency Response plan.