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2023 Head Lifeguard and Groundskeeper
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In August 1974 we saw the loss of our rink to fire. It was our Facility from 1947-1974. 7 days after the fire the Recreation Board called a public meeting to see what the fate of the area would be. From this meeting it was decided to go ahead and rebuild. The curling and skating portions were built and ready for action by 1976. On December 1st 1979 the Uniplex officially opened with the completion of the heated indoor pool.

Currently the pool is open from April 1st to October 31st, and the Skating and Curling facilities, Lounge and Canteen round out the rest of the year. The successful operation of the Uniplex is due to its large number of volunteers that do everything from maintaining the ice surfaces to baking pies.

The Uniplex receives yearly grants from the Town of Elrose and the R.M. of Monet for operating costs and capital improvements. The Recreation Board also organizes three major fundraisers in order to supplement the annual budget. In April, the community comes out for Lob-N-Bob, a feast of shish-kabobs and lobster tails followed by a dance. On the first Saturday in June the sports grounds are buzzing with activity for our annual Sports Day. The most notable fundraiser is the Annual Goods and Services Auction. Elrose has become famous over the years for this auction. In March, Elrose comes out in full force to purchase every thing from baking to a combine for the day for hugely inflated prices. The auction is a true testament to what the Uniplex means to our community.

The Elrose Regional Park Camping Facilities is at the rear of the Uniplex with water/power hookups with a sewer dump. Bookings are taken at the Uniplex office. This Uniplex is a symbol of Community Commitment and Dedication.

Elrose-Monet Recreation Board

Chairman: Robert Ellis

Vice Chair: Devin Brown

Secretary/Treasurer: Jodi MacDonald

Board Members: Mark Calwell, Robert Ellis, Dayle Fortin, Erin Hess, James Myers, Dallen Hamilton, Ron Hill, Blayne Kutz, Brian Lewis, Randy Nickason, Graham Parson, Curtis Shaw, Ryan Smith, Evan Sothmann.