Property Assessment and Taxation
Municipal Property Taxes are used to provide services such as water, sewer, waste & recycle and for infrastructure maintenance, repair or replacement.  They are also used to provide funding for our Fire District, Doctor Clinic, Local Library Branch, community recreation facilities and community groups/facilities.

Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) is responsible for assessing property values within the province of Saskatchewan.  The Municipality receives the assessment report on values every year in the spring.  A revaluation of all properties in Saskatchewan is completed every 4 years.  Property owners will receive an assessment notice if there is a change to their assessment or if it is a revaluation year.   If you disagree with the assessment you have an option to appeal, please contact the Town Office andwe will help you with the process, as appeals go to SAMA and they are not within the authority of the Town of Elrose.

You can also visit SAMA’s website for more information on Assessment Appeals.

Every year prior to levying taxes Council prepares a budget for the Town of Elrose.  A budget estimates what the costs of providing the services to the Town will be for the year.  Once a budget is passed it is available for viewing at the Town Office.

Property Taxes are levied according to SAMA’s assessment of a property value.  Your tax notice details the amount you owe in taxes for the year, which is based on the assessment of your property and the mill rate/mill rate factors set by the Town of Elrose.  In addition, the Ministry of Education sets mill rates for the school property taxes.

You cannot appeal the amounts of Tax Notice.  The Appeal process is only through SAMA’s assessment.

Any outstanding taxes that remain unpaid after December 31st of each year, will have a 10% penalty added to the arrears on January 1st.

Discounts on the current MUNICIPAL portion of property taxes are as follows:
Until June 30
– 5% Discount
Until Sept 30 – 3% Discount
Discounts do not apply to the school portion or the water levy amount of property taxes.

See Bylaws section for our current Base Tax Bylaw and Mill Rate Factors Bylaw