Elrose was originally called La Berge after Albert La Berge, an early resident. In 1913, the railroad reached the area and there was a meeting to discuss a permanent name for the town. Elrose was chosen. Some say it was named after Elrosa, USA, and others say it was Dr. Burell who wanted rose in the name because of all the wild roses growing in the area.

Elrose became a village in February, 1914. It then became a town in February, 1951. The first Town meeting was held on February 24, 1951. The first Mayor was L.J. Church.

In 1952, a sewage system was installed, followed by a water system in 1961. Natural gas was also brought in that year. In 1977, all the streets were hard surfaced.

The first Town office was where Kutters Nook is now on Main Street. Both the Fire Hall and the Town Office were combined there. In the 1950’s, it was moved to where Rowley’s Electric is. In 1965, a new office was built and is still used on Main Street. The Library is in the rear of the Town Office Building.

Over the years our Town has seen many changes, but we are growing and we are very proud to say that all our town and rural residents strive to keep our community viable and a great place to raise our families.


Elrose is located in the middle of the beautiful wheatfields of the R.M. of Monet. We are approximately 115 km north of Swift Current, 150 km southwest of Saskatoon, 40 km south of Rosetown.

We have approximately 500 residents. Our Council strives to maintain our town as a safe and caring community.

We offer many services. Check our Business Directory.

For anything we do not have, you do not have to travel far to get.


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